About Us

Who We Are:

Innovative Endowments provides an endowment program solution for the modern day financial challenges of nonprofit organizations. From inception, Innovative Endowments has offered an innovative and flexible approach to building endowments that addresses needs and utilizes available resources to assist nonprofit organizations.

Innovative Endowments leverages business practices which have been used in partnerships and business for many years, but lacked the legal and regulatory research to be incorporated by non-profits.   By completing the legal and regulatory research and incorporating it for non-profits, we enable non-profits to build sustainable endowments.   Our team has over 120 years of legal, business and financial experience working on your behalf.

Innovative Endowments Provides:

  • Experience: Legal and financial expertise.
  • Knowledge: Understanding of the endowment landscape
  • Proven process catered specifically to nonprofits
  • Passion to see nonprofits not only succeed but flourish