Private School

Christian and faith-based schools are not only strong academically but their curriculum is rooted in religious beliefs. To help schools provide extracurricular activities, provide scholarships and maintain affordable tuition, it is imperative to raise money.

Many private and Christian schools are challenged to continue funding daily operations due to budget shortfalls. Typical donations come through activities such as raffles, auctions, golf outings which directly reach out to parents and alumni. The challenge is that these activities are not guaranteed and as economic conditions change, schools are at risk.

We do not propose that you stop these activities, however, Innovative Endowments works with schools to provide a long-term solution. Our unique endowment building process creates a more sustainable approach to financing your institution.

Through the use of  collateralized assets, your school can create an endowment program of $25-$500 million. At Innovative Endowments we will partner with your school to develop an endowment program suited to your needs.

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